September 2020 Cohort

Meet the startups on our first cohort



Workrest is building the next generation of tools to simplify crew management, promoting a collaborative & efficient environment that helps surface issues like crew fatigue & rotation clashes in a fraction of the time.   



Yachtlife One is a media company helping brands in the nautical industry connect with their audience online. We are experts in filmmaking, storytelling and marketing, but even more; we love yachts, sailing and being on the water. Our goal is to create a worldwide platform and community where people get inspired to join in on the yacht life!

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C-Quest Yachts

At C-Quest Yachts we understand what is required of a new build Superyacht or of a converted commercial expedition vessel. With years of world cruising experience combined with our practical knowledge of running super yachts, we strive to deliver uncompromising perfection when it comes to the production of your dream expedition yacht.

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Breaking The Mould Accounting

As cloud accountants who work closely with captains, yacht managers, maritime businesses, fiscal agents and corporate service providers, we take full responsibility for the financial operations so that they don’t sour the experience of owning and operating a yacht.

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FabLittleBag exists to protect rivers, oceans and beaches from the pollution caused by flushed period products. With the UK alone flushing 2.5m tampons and 1.4m pads down the toilet each day, it is a big issue. FabLittleBags are made of plants (which means they are carbon reducing) and recycled plastics, supporting the circular economy of waste. Our glue to seal the bag closed is vegan.

Pinpoint Works

Pinpoint Works is the interactive work list and project management platform created by yacht crew and used by yachting professionals around the world. With both web and mobile apps, we take a yacht’s unique GA (General Arrangement) and turn it into a system for communication and reporting. Users can quickly and easily log, share and track jobs, pinpointing a precise locations for the works onboard.


Rubicon Maritime Group

Rubicon Maritime Group is a new consulting firm advising boat owners on operational decisions related to their vessel and helping companies solve problems within the maritime industry. With experience both on-the-water and in the boardroom, their mission is to help guide existing and potential owners on understanding the full operational spectrum of vessels as well as to provide unbiased and unincentivized advice on all aspects of acquisitions, refits, and vessel operations.


Superyacht Recruiter

From the outset, our goal as an organisation has been to offer an unrivalled standard of recruitment support to a demanding industry, using years of market knowledge to pair exceptional candidates with exceptional clients.



We are resolute on delivering the ultimate onboarding experience for crew, managers, employers and recruiters using industry leading technology. Using AI and refined algorithms our system can be trained, with just a single copy, to recognise any certificate type and extract the text into predefined fields. This paves the way for automated manning checks and compliance checks within seconds rather than hours.


She of the Sea

She of the Sea holds the clear vision of a high performance, competency focused yachting industry, regardless of gender, race or any other factors. We recognise that people are our organisations and vessels greatest assets, and that the cultures we build now will be critical to the sustainability of the industry.


yachting and co

Yachting and co crafts premium and bespoke yacht charter experiences in some of the finest destinations in the Mediterranean: the Amalfi coast, Capri, Barcelona and the Balearic Islands. Our mission is to make a client's experience premium from the beginning of the charter process and to be a tool for local owners to market their yacht at top levels and maximize their charters with a boutique approach.

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The Yacht Stew

The Yacht Stew is a positive space for yachties worldwide. We are a lifestyle brand for the Modern Super Yacht Stewardess. Sharing tips & tricks pertaining to the worlds most exclusive & luxurious industry.



Arkytech is a digital marketing agency that specializes in adapting new technologies to help yachting companies better connect and engage with their intended target audience. Augmented reality is our focus, with bringing digital 3D models of a yachts General Arrangement, right to your mobile device through simply scanning an ARcode. This makes the walkthrough process with a client, fun, interactive and engaging.

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Seastainable Yachting

Seastainable Yachting is a new platform providing resources to make running a boat more sustainable and to make that process a simple and easy one for yacht crew. Through our platform we want to unpack all of the ‘eco’ information out there and translate it into easy to use resources, relevant to yachting, to encourage a new sustainable dimension into the way yachts are run.

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Luxury Learning

Luxury Learning is dedicated to educating crew members about personal finance so they can learn to keep & grow their money! Yacht crew should have wonderful life experiences traveling the world and be financially established for life. The company provides dynamic workshops on board, over online platforms, and one on one personal help.

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The Stewardess Corner

The Stewardess Corner is an online resource with more than 200 links to brands and boutiques all related to decoration and items to organize a boat, a house or even a private jet.



Onecrew exists to deliver the very best service and support to the global superyacht crew community, in acknowledgement of their passion and dedication. Our mission is simple. To support the world’s finest crew with their personal and professional development, regardless of their location. With native iOS and Android apps and a powerful web app, we enable crew to plan for the future and make the most of today.

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BELLEX Yachtagies

BELLEX is an online one-stop shop for crew and charter needs makes sourcing provisions, wines, and products painless. This integrated system will also provide a single source for yacht crew, agents, management and all others involved to access all their orders, invoices, receipts, statements and more.



At Rest’d, we believe a well rested crew leads to a well run boat. Rest’d is an App and range of online courses designed to take yacht crew from exhausted to energised. Founded by a sleep therapist and yachting journalist, our aim is to help crew sleep better, feel energised daily, avoid burnout and thrive in their roles on board.

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The Yacht Purser

The Ultimate Yacht Purser Course is part of the internationally accredited IAMI GUEST Purser Program. Students gain the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to manage vessel administration and logistics successfully. The course has been fully booked for every intake.



We at OODAQ Yachting are connecting the yacht designers with the future owner of their design who will pay the right price through a completely immersive and highly realistic virtual reality environment.

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Boatique is a unique online market place catering for the luxury market with a focus on selling products for Superyachts. Based on a Drop-Ship model, we will select entrepreneurs with products that will take ‘Luxury’ to a new level to sell their products on this platform while inspiring an eco-friendly culture. It is always a challenge for yachties to find good products that are ‘Superyacht-worthy’, trendy and ethical to create a great onboard experience.

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Seasy is an online marketplace for sailors to easily book a berth from the comfort of their yacht. There's no better feeling than coming to a marina knowing, that a berth will be always ready for you.

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MOCEAN is a community platform that simplifies the way yachting professionals discover opportunities, access knowledge, share experiences and connect with the yachting community around them.