We are the worlds' first startup accelerator for the leisure marine, yachting and superyachting industries.


Thinking of launching or scaling a startup?

Yachting Ventures is on a mission to help you.

Startups all over the world are changing how we think and operate in our daily lives.

We are looking for aspiring entrepreneurs that want to bring innovation to the leisure marine, yachting and superyachting industries.

We are stage-agnostic and we exist to help you take your business to the next level. 

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What is a startup accelerator?

It is all about your environment.

A startup accelerator supports entrepreneurs through a fixed-term program that includes mentorship, connections and educational content. It is an immersive experience, aiming to accelerate the growth of early-stage ventures by compressing years’ worth of learning into just a few months.

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Program  structure

We are fully remote.

The 10 week program is designed to fit around other commitments and a full-time job. Sessions are recorded and all content is accessible online, so you will be able to work at your own pace - wherever you are in the world.


What do we cover?


Validation. MVP. Business Model.


Branding. Marketing. Scaling. 


Fundraising Materials. Pitching. Strategic Investment.

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Mentors are the backbone of our program.

Building relationships and exchanging ideas with great mentors can increase a company’s odds of success more than almost anything else.

We will match you with mentors and connect you with key industry innovators to help challenge your ideas and build a successful company.



Looking to the future.

If you need funding at the end of the program, you will be able to pitch to investors who may help take you further on your entrepreneurial journey.

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£1,500 flat fee

For 10 weeks of full support, which includes:

  • An average of x3 YV sessions per week, all delivered online

  • Weekly YV educational content, templates and useful resources

  • Regular check-ins and catch-ups with the YV team

  • Access to our extensive network of YV Mentors and other industry professionals

  • Ability to meet and build relationships with the YV community of entrepreneurs 

  • Brand exposure through the YV network and social platforms




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